Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mind Your Own Ass, Thank You Very Much!

I started working out yesterday. It is something I have been meaning to for me for a while. When I lived in Harlem I ran for a year with my daughter, 3 mornings a week to support her joining the track team . The itch to work out hit me yesterday. While I love taking a hoe to the dirt and singing a good old work song, a work out brings on just a bit more sweat. It's not like I have acres to plow. Although, at about 3 AM this morning turning over in bed, my thighs felt like lead, I felt like I had planted 40 acres without a mule. I am determined. A half an hour of using the stairs in the hallway and some good old fashioned race walking does the trick. I learned race walking from my mother-in-law, who at 56 still has a group of walkers every morning.

And speaking of getting in shape, I've been fixing up my site. I am adding lots of links. I'm trying to find as many women of color who are posting when I found this gem. The sweat hasn't dried yet from tonight's personal house party in which I stepped my "fat ass" to classic house tune, "Yolanda."

A sister can't get a break. Welfare Queens, Crack Ho's and now our ass is a problem too! May I suggest a reading of Janell Hobson's Venus in the Dark, 2005. Mind your own ass!

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Freespiritwalker said...

Hi Anna, I just had a moment to see you blog and it's wonderful. Not sure how to get this comment to you, but I am so proud of you. Anyway, I am at a coffee cafe called AJ Java, a sista owned shop and I know you would appreciate all the wonderful free wifi cafes in Portland. Glad to see you getting back to walking. Miss you. Had a wonderful day seeing the Multnomah Falls, very spiritual!! Talk over the weekend. Guntie